I if you are currently unemployed, and you are sure you need a job, then tell us which State in Nigeria you can conformable work in. If it’s Lagos State, Rivers State, Kano etc, tell us.

However from our experience, we’ve come to find out that many Nigerians prefer to work in Lagos, Abuja an Port Harcourt due to the ever increasing favorable work conditions.

Working is top cities like Abuja and port Harcout will not only help you build your career, it will expose you to some high profiled people in the country.

So from your previous working experience, can you confidently tell us the state or states, you’d love to start working in right now.

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So if you want tot be part of the many Nigerians who are using this website to get instant jobs update, please share your most preferred state for employment with us.

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Make use of the comment box below to share your most preferred state to work in Nigeria now. Tell us that state you seriously need a job in, by doing so, we’ll be able to serve you better.