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Find out how the NDE 774,000 job recruitment is done today. this guide will help you understand if you are qualified for the ongoing recruitment or not.

You will also find out the method of application, and the average salary for anyone who wants to participate in the Federal government Special Public Works Programme.

Before we proceed, kindly note that SPW Recruitment 2020 is free The federal government has made the registration for this program free.

If you have interested in becoming one the 77400, Nigerians that will be gainfully employed/empowered through the Special Public Works Programme 2020, then you need to check out the information on this page well.

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What is salary for SPW 77400 jobs?

The salary for this going recruitment is N20,000. This allowance will be paid for the duration of SPW (Special Public Works Programme).

Successful candidates will get paid every month until the program ends. This N20,000 monthly allowance will go a long way in helping the federal government to minimize poverty.

The truth is that the N20,000 monthly allowances brow the national minimum wage, however, you need to know that the essence of spw recruitment 2020 is to reach unskilled workers during this time distress.


List of Special Public Works Programme

Here are lists of all the available Programme for spw recruitment 2020, tea note of the Programme listed right below now;

  • Drainage digging and clearance
  • Irrigation canals clearance
  • Rural feeder road maintenance
  • Traffic control
  • Street cleaning
  • Cleaning of public infrastructure like Health Centres, Schools and the likes

Drainage digging and clearance: This program will help train Nigerians on how to successfully dig and clear drainages. If you select this program while filling the spw recruitment 2020 application form, then be ready to join the team.

Irrigation canals clearance: Anyone who loves Irrigation canals clearance can sign up for this job position. The spw recruitment 2020 form will help the federal government recruit and train interested Nigerians on how to become expert in Irrigation canals clearance.

Traffic control: The Traffic control position under Special Public Works Programme will recruit and train Nigerians that will help in controlling traffic on busy roads.

Kindly take out time to select the program that suits your taste okay. Now, take a look at how the duration of the spw recruitment 2020 below now.

SPW recruitment 2020 Programme duraation

Special Public Works Programme (SPW) will last for a period of 3 months. Successful candidates will work and earn from the federal government for a period of 3 months.

Kindly note that there’s no news for now regarding the extension of the program duration. However, if FG decides to extend the program duration, you will surely hear the news.

How to Apply for SPW Recruitment 2020 NDE 774, 000 Jobs?

The application form for SPW Recruitment 2020 is not online, the application registration form can be obtained from State Selection Committees.

To obtain the form, kindly reaching out to leaders in churches, mosques, motor-parks, markets, palaces, and neighborhoods.

The phone numbers of the leaders in churches, mosques, motor-parks, markets, palaces, and neighborhoods will be made public, this will help interested applicants to reach out to the right Selection Committees in their states.

How will FG Pay 77400,000 Special Public Works Programme Job?

The federal government said the payment for Special Public Works Programme (SPW) will be via the beneficiary bank account. The spw recruitment 2020 will likely indicate the right space for applicants to enter their account number for payment.

Kindly note that the payment for Special Public Works Programme will be made directly to beneficiaries accounts. The State Selection Committees will have nothing to do with the stipends. Their only duty is to help the federal government select interested and qualified candidates fo spw recruitment 2020.

For more information about Special Public Works Programme 2020, kindly check out the official website now. Kindly note that spw recruitment 2020 guide is on specialpublicworks.gov.ng or specialpublicworks.gov.ng/site portal.portal.

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