See When will be Back Here

You can See When will be back Here? Have you seen this  message  “We Will Be Back Shortly” on Nigerian prisons recruitment 2018 portal? If yes, that means that you’ve tried to register for 2018 Nps recruitment and failed.

If you want to know immidialty is back, kindly make sure you a comment below. If you comment, we will notify you immediately the nps portal for 2018 recruitment of cadet is back online.

So let’s feed you with the right information that will be relevant to you. It’s true you have tried to apply and failed due to the issues the application website is having at the moment.

We want you you kindly note that Nigerian Prisons 2018 recruitment was mean to commence of the 30th of April 2018. However, due to the over Jam in network, applicants haven’t been able to successfully register online.

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Why is down?

Since the first day the online registration started, we’ve seen many applicants who complained bitterly about nps portal being slow.

70% the issue is from the website, while the rest of the issues comes from most internet browsers. Hope you also know that most people who heard this recruitment news about Nigerian prisons applied successfully without issues? do you also know that most people filled the application half way and got interrupted by network.

You have to kindly note that Nps is working together to make sure is back online with the necessary registration guide.

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When will be Back?

The news about the date NPS recruitment 2018 portal will be back is still not yet know. However, you’re to note that all online ( recruitment was expected to end by June 2018. So from the look of things, Nigerian prisons recruitment 2018 will likely exceed the previous fixed application registration deadline.

You can comment below if you know you want to know when will be back soon.

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