5 Untold Secrets to Securing Your Dream Job

When finding a job, it is easier said than done. You may know how to submit a professional résumé, and practice before an interview, sometimes you still don’t get the job.

While every job-search experience is different, it is good to be enlightened by others who are in or have been in the same position as you. These are advice shared by experts and job seekers to help you land that dream job.

Practice Makes Perfect

Be very careful how you answer questions in a job interview. It is okay to want to be truthful, but it’s best to practice your answers, as suggested by experts. Do your homework on the companies you plan to interview with, and anticipate the kinds of questions they might throw at you. It is better to come up with honest yet impressive answers.

Focus On What Makes You Passionate

It is best to focus your job search on something you are passionate about, it makes you stand out enough from the crowd. Your résumé and your interviews all have to show a spark to get attention, especially in a tight economy as now as it is a great time to tap into what you love and then match that to the job market.

How Do You Add Value?

Figure out what value you can provide. Your credentials and your past are nice but it may be secondary. It is okay you are great, but it is of little consequence to your employer. Be convincing to your employer that the future of the firm is better with you than without you. Value – that’s where it is at. Once you know the value you provide, make it clear in your application.

Network, Network!

Learn about the larger world and environment by networking with all kinds of people for useful market information, not just information about specific job openings or companies that are known to be hiring.

How are you different from the crowd?

Every candidate is punctual, responsible, and gets on well with people. To avoid blending in with the crowd, highlight unique elements of your personal brand. Don’t skip or gloss over the cover letter. It is your opportunity to make a personal impression and connection.

In Conclusion, stay positive, resist all forms of negativity, do not let them get to you and you will hear the good news soon.


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