Scholarships to Study in UK for African Students

Are you looking for a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom (UK)? If yes, then there are so many Universities in the UK that are sponsoring African students.

Do you know that African students make up to 13% of the university students in the United Kingdom? you heard me right, the truth today is that many Africans prefer to get their undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. degrees from top and recognized universities in the UK.

Scholarships to Study in UK for African Students is a means by which the United Kingdom helps African students to acquire a higher level of education at a low-cost rate.

There are over 100 universities in the Uk that offers scholarships to African students, many of the universities gives fully funded scholarships to Africans.

Today, we will be giving you a list of all the universities in the UK that offers scholarships to Africans who wants to study abroad.

Top 20 Scholarships to Study in UK for African Students

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship for Developing Countries
  2. PTDF Scholarship
  3. University of Reading Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships
  4. Chevening Scholarships
  5. University of Portsmouth Masters Scholarship
  6. Shell Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme
  7. The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships Programme
  8. University of Cambridge Scholarships (Masters & PhD)
  9. Loughborough University Graduate School Development Trust Africa Scholarships
  10. University of Sussex Masters Scholarship for African students in Economics
  11. University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship for Nigerian Students
  12. Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Edinburgh
  13. Scholarships at University of East Anglia
  14. Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarships
  15. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships
  16. IOE-ISH Centenary Masters Scholarships
  17. University College London (UCL) Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  18. MBA Emerging Economies Leader for Social Change Scholarship at the University of Stirling
  19. Leeds University Business School Scholarships
  20. University of Birmingham Scholarships

How to apply for Scholarships to Study in UK for African Students

If you want to apply for any of the above-listed scholarships to study in UK for African students today, then you need to ensure that you meet school requirements first.

Once you are qualified for the scholarship, you can go ahead and fill up the online application form immediately okay.

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