Rank and Salary Structure of The Commissioner of Police

The Nigerian Police is a security outfit of the Nigerian State established to combat crime and ensure security of lives and properties of the citizenry.

This article centers on the salary structure of the Nigeria Police Force based on the grade level and command structure.

Basically, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is mandated to enforce the laws and statutes of Nigeria, and to reduce civil disorder. The police is usually described as a law enforcement authority, but specifically their functions exceed the aspect of law enforcement. 

On police salary, the Nigeria police force (NPF) is organized in a command (authority) structure that helps it maintain order and control. It is further divided into grades and steps. This serves as a distinction among officers in the same level. Among other things, all of these structure and grades finally serves as the basis of the salaries received by each officer in the force.

This article focuses on the fourth ranking officer which is the Commissioner of Police.

Duty of the Commissioner of Police

As the fourth-ranking officer, and the number one police man in the State,he oversees police departments, either as sworn officers or as civilians selected to sit on a board of police commissioners. This individual is responsible for overseeing the administrative and day-to-day operations of the department and has typically worked his or her way up through the ranks.


Salary Structure

  • Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step6)

Salary per month:       N302,970.50

Salary per year:          N3,635,645.70

  • Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step1)

Salary per month:      N266,777.79

Salary per year:            N3,201,333.48

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