Registration Centres extort N-Power Hopefuls in Ebonyi

Some Registration Centres have chosen to exploit the N-Power hopefuls by extorting them.

The inhabitants of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital on Friday, complained about the fraudulent extortion of prospects by vendors who directed them in the N-Power programme registration process.

It was reported that there is a multiplication of N-Power registration centres in Abakaliki as almost every street of Abakaliki had a centre.

A victim also lamented about being overcharged. According to her, she was charged five thousand naira (N5000) for the N-Power registration only.

She went on to say that after paying five thousand naira (N5000) for the N-Power registration, she was also asked to pay another one thousand five hundred naira (1,500) to get the printout.

After much inquiry, it was discovered that some of the victims did not even receive a message to notify them that the registration was submitted successfully even after paying the charges given to them by the vendors.

According to another source, whose name is Ogodo, he and his wife were extorted. In his words: “I went to one of the N-Power registration centres to register for my wife, and I paid money.

“People in business centres collected money from me and gave me a printout. Then after that, they sent text to me to come to the international market and collect another printout.”

This reveals how the N-Power prospects were overcharged and most of them could not even registered successfully indicating that they were duped.

Other hopefuls and prospects are hereby urged to be at alert and careful to prevent being victims. Registration details should be checked on the N-Power official website and be strictly adhered to.

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