The official portal is Nigeria police Force (NPF) online website for 2021/2021 Police Recruitment.

If you love to maintain peace and order, then this year recruitment will not pass you by. The portal provides useful information about the latest progress on the 2019 online recruitment.

All candidates that applied for police jobs, should kindly visit know the best updates. The main reason why candidates should also visit npf portal is to know when there’s new update regarding recruitment.

If you visit npf recruitment website, you’ll find some of the under listed information below.

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What is portal

The portal loads so good on mobile, you can browse the site and find the latest news regarding 2019 recruitment into the Nigerian police force.

As an aspiring police officer, you need to know the value of information and now to make good use of it.

If you check the police recruitment official portal, you’ll never miss out on any relevant update.

The portal for shortlisted candidates

If you’re looking for npf list, then you need to keep your eyes on the portal.

Disregard any information about Nigeria police shortlisted candidates if you don’t find it on the portal mentioned above.

The best way to know if there’s any news is to visit the site.

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Latest nigerian police recruitment news on

First, you need to kindly note that news updated from the portal is free.

The page is always available, if you need relevant updates, visit Nigeria police website for latest news. You need to kindly Note that no one will charge you for news on the portal.

Kindly report anyone who tries to showcase any act of fraud. Npf and the Nigeria police service (NPS) will stand by you ton endure that all culprits are served but the law.

The Nigerian police will not take it easy on anyone found engaging in recruitment backdoor

Names of all shortlisted candidates, screening dates, and venues can be found only on the official portal.

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