Recruitment in Nigeria: The 5 Major things Graduates must Know

The new method of recruitment in Nigeria is still unknown to many young Nigerian graduates.

Many job seekers are still following the old method of job hunting. The truth is that things have really changed a lot in this country.

If you need a job, you need to move with the trend. The old method of getting the latest job vacancies through national newspapers is far gone.

Many big companies don’t even advertise their vacancies on papers again.

The fastest and surest way to get fast updates regarding any company is to follow their social media handle.

With social media, you can apply for jobs, and even get details on when the job interview will hold.

If you need the latest recruitment news updates, then LinkedIn is one of the social networks you can sign up on.

Through LinkedIn, an employee and employer can link up. You can see the latest job updates in your state.

However, there are some limitations that many Nigerians are facing on LinkedIn.

If you want to stand out, get screened and finally get selected, then you need to edit your LinkedIn profile to stand out.

Once your online profile is perfect, you can get found by companies.

The second most vital social media for Nigerians to get fast job updates is Twitter.

If you’ve not been utilizing Twitter for your job search, then you’re missing.

With Twitter, you can use a hashtag to find companies that are currently recruiting near you.

Facebook and Instagram play big roles as well. You can use the Facebook search box to find the latest job vacancies around you.

Recruitment in Nigeria: The 5 Major thing Graduate must Know

5 things you should know as a graduate

  1. First, you need to understand that job hunting takes time.
  2. Always dress corporate to all your interviews
  3. Avoid lateness, this has ruined the life of many job seekers.
  4. Be polite at the interview /screening ground
  5. Don’t forget to also go with the right documents.


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