The Npower Nigeria program has not only helped thousands of Nigerians in fighting poverty, but it has also helped the beneficiaries to have good skills

Today, you’ll see the  40 mind-blowing photos of N-power beneficiaries.

The No.35 photo of Npower Nigeria on this page has left so many Nigerians in a big shock. No one ever believed that such an amazing thing could come out of this federal government empowerment program.

In case you haven’t seen many wonderful works done by N-power beneficiaries across the country, then you don’t have to miss any photo on this page.

Let’s show you how Npower is transforming lives, let’s start from the No.1 photo below right now.

Osibanjo with Npower build Beneficiaries

The vice president of Nigeria recently took a heartwarming photo with beneficiaries of the Npower build program.

In the picture includes mister of science and technology, formal governor of Amabara, and governor of Enugu State.

The big bird came to grass the Npower build occasion.

Osibanjo said that the Buhari led administration will do great work towards ensuring that assemble plants in Nigeria retune back and even better than it was back in the 1980s.

Npower build beneficiaries gave Vice President Osibanjo and other dignitaries a warm welcome.

Npower Tech Soft Training

Another picture you need to see today is that of npower technology beneficiaries training.

The member of the npower soft is currently getting training on web development.

Npower is currently teaching the tech beneficiaries some basic and advanced digital programming – HTHL, CSS, PHP, Java, front end and back-end Programing. WEB Programming ( Advanced, Architecture, etc) and Digitial Marketing.

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When Minister Of transport Visited N-Power Build Automobile training center

You need to see how excited Npower build automobile beneficiaries were when Amechi visited the Kaduna center.

While addressing the beneficiaries, Amechi encouraged everyone if the beneficiary to keep heads up and to work towards delivering good service.

He also went further to appreciate the npower members on their efforts so far. He said that the Buhari led administration will do well to ensure that they always get rewarded for their good work.

The npower build program has helped a lot of people learn good skills. One of the ladies who has learned how to build some things expressed her gratitude.

She told the minister of transport that is very happy to have joined npower.

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When Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo visited the N-Power Situation Room

If there’s one place you need to about in the Npower big room, it’s the Npower Situation room.

The vice president of Nigeria paid a visit to the situation room.

During his visit, he spoke about why npower was set up, and resume why he oversees the social investment programs

Osibanjo released that Npower will employ more than 5 million youths in years to come.

He was seen pulling down his glasses to check out the wonderful work done by one of the beneficiaries.

With smiles on his face, almost all the beneficiaries in the situation room could not help but take a snap with him.

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Npower beneficiaries ThrowbackThursday photos that melted hearts


If you don’t about Npower Throwbackthursday, then you’re missing out.

Npower does not only empower you, but they also help you have fun.

Since happiness is one way to successfully career, Npower makes some Throwback Thursday pictures showing happy beneficiaries of npower program.

In the pictures, the beneficiaries were seen holding “We are all we have,” “Together, Nigeria will prevail”, “We believe in us”.

It should interest you to know that Npower makes use of the words “We are all we have.
Together”,  “Nigeria will prevail”, “We believe in us” to move the program forward and to encourage teamwork.

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How Npower Edo State Exhibition went

You need to see what npower beneficiaries did in edo state.

The exhibition was superb, it was so outstanding. The Edo state vocal person, Yuwa Aladeselu made it a wonderful show of excellence.

She said that Npower has changed life in Edo state and that the people of Edo state are pleased with what Mr. President is doing.

The exhibition also featured some training, and advise.

Npower beneficiaries that attended the exhibition took a photo with the Edo State Npower vocal person.

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What Npower Industrial week was like

In case you missed out on the industrial week, we have the news you need.

Npower industrial week was amazing. The pattern of learning that was used got people shocked. Npower did not only share wonderful tips about photo editing with beneficiaries, but they brought top experts.

Animation studios like Utricle Studios producing “Gammy and the Living Things”, Dots Studios, Basement Animation Studios, Magic Carpet Studios, Square Pixel came to the industrial week.

All the Ncretive beneficiaries who attended the industrial week learned news skills that’ll take them to a greater height.

If you attended the npower industrial week, then you’ll probably understand the how fun it was.

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