The Npower transition registration page portal 2021-2022 August online guide is here. Check out the NPVN enhancement of 2016 beneficiaries’ top 7 things you must know today.

Make sure you don’t skip any of the top 7 things you about the ongoing transition of npower beneficiaries.

If you’re ready, let’s go ahead and show you things you should know one after the other.

Kindly Note: Npower transition 2016 survey is only for npower 2016 batch 1 beneficiaries.

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What is NPower Transition?

This is a welcomed packaged from N-power, it helps all the beneficiaries of the npower 2016 set to get permanent jobs.

If you’re among the many Nigerians that applied and got empowered through npower, then this transition is all you need.

To be honest, Npower has tried a lot for Nigerian youths by empowering the youth financially for some years now.

Npower Transition 2021 program will help you get a good and better life.

Kindly check out the top 7 things you should know now.

  • Become a SANEF Agent
  • Start a Business with a GEEP Loan
  • Become a Teacher
  • Start a Farm / Expand your Farm
  • Become a Field / Data Agent
  • Become a Community Policeman through Npower Transition  2021
  • How to Register for N-power Nigeria Transition online.

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Just hold on let us explain everything about the transitions listed above.

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What is Npower Transition 2021 about?

If you want to transit as an SANEF, then it’s easy. What npower will do is to give you N50,000 (Fifty thousand Naira).

The N50,000 is meant to help you start up any small scale business of your own.

It’s true that starting out as an entrepreneur with N50,000 can seem to do difficult, but with the npower transition program, you’ll learn how to do it right, and move your business far, and create new jobs as well.

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What’s Npower GEEP loan for Npower Transition 2021

The Geep loan will help all npower beneficiaries to get the best loan to start up business.

The loans goes only to npower beneficiaries. In case you get below N100,000, kindly reach out to npower for more guidelines.

Becoming a teacher via Npower Transition 2021/2022

If you still want to continue the teaching job, then npower will help you out.

The Npower Transition programs for 2016 beneficiaries, will guild you towards becoming a better teacher.

If you want to teach, you’ll be made to teach in your community.

Npower helping you start a farm

Yes, if you love doing farming business, then npower transition will take you far.

The transition will serve as a golden opportunity for you to learn now to farm, and the best ways to do it right.

If you have a farm already, then you’re going to even do better.

Becoming a Field or data agent through the N-power transition

If you like agent works, then npower transition 2019 is going to be the best thing for you.

Working as an agent is super dope. Npower will give you all the training you need, and believe me, this is going to be cool.

Npower Transition 2021 if implemented will help you to work with banks, community leaders, and many more.

Npower 2021-2022 transition to a community Policeman

The security of your community needs to be your concern at all times.

The new Npower Transition 2021, you’ll be made to work with security agencies to secure your community.

Npower transition

How to Npower Transition 2021 Registration is Done?

The steps to register is simple, it all that’s from the npower volunteers network portal (NPVN) login/create account.

If you’re logged in, then locate the npower transition 2021 page online, and select any of the transition that’s cool for you.