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Latest news reaching us now about Npower Posting list 2019 for 2017/2018 N-power online recruitment is what we’re giving you. You can see the PDF list’s Here via,

If you’d like to know the A-Z information on how to check your name on npower Nigeria job portal. Then keep reading this guidelines so you’d get all the vital information needed.

The list we’ll be giving out here comprises of all categories in the n-power scheme. See the included programs on the npower 2018 posting list’s below:

  • Npower Teach
  • Npower Health
  • Npower Agro
  • Npower Tax/VAIDS
  • Npower Build.

See How to Login Here: Profile

The primary reason why we’ve chosent to compose this guide on how check npower posting 2019 list’s of all successful candidates is to enable you know if you’ve been posted or not.

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How to check Npower Posting List 2019?

Hope you already by now, that you can check your name in the posting list? Once you’ve checked your posting status via npower volunteer network (NPVN), you’ll know if you’ve been Posted or not.

  1. Check posting list via
  2. Continue to the NPVN portal and fill your details

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See other Jobs you can Apply for Below:

When will Npower Posting List 2019/2020 be out?

You’ll have to always visit npower registration portal via to know if you’ve been posted or not.

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If you want to get regular latest news update about npower posting list 2019, then comment below right now.

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  1. Labiba Abdu Sabo on

    Pls, am Npower berge2 and my portal is not open even today for me to send the scanning of my posting letter. Pls help me to open it, and with reply to notify me

  2. Sir/ma I change my surname for for my account details due to type errors the have put ijakuraiyu danjuma but now i go for first bank and change it now is ijakurayu dayamu is currently now please npower help by your consideration thanks

  3. oyetunji ronke on

    accessing the login page of npower has been a problem since it not showing where to login the details….. and how are we going to get the deployment letter….

  4. peter patrick dillah on

    please when the letter is ready notify me through my email or phone number because i dont know to check the letter.

  5. Please inform me when posting for the 2017/2018 batch 2 npower beneficiaries will commence work full.thank you

  6. Ayankanmi Samuel A on

    Please direct how to log on to posting list because i have been doing it for long but not through

    • Michael adikwu on

      I applied for agro, And now my ID is displaying N-Teach, and the program is N-Agro, please how can i fix this issue?

  7. Amodu Victor Ameh on

    pls, sir even since i received an SMS getting verified and i updated my account. I have not heard anything again. pls, sir when is the posting commence now. help us



  9. martha livinus solomon on

    please help me am tire of login in and no answer.please how do i login and please notify me when posting is out.thank you sir.

  10. Adewuyi Adeolu Ismailia on

    Pls my surname is Adewuyi first name is Adeolu why my last name is Ismaila. Sir or ma,onboard my surname was written as ismaila instead of Adewuyi first name is Adeolu the other name is ismaila. Can I still change it bcos of bank

  11. SamuelOgbasa on

    this is 5 to 6 months after verification and documentation without posting. i have received every congratulatory messages but have been posted to start my teaching work. pls admin. do something.

  12. Thank you empower atleast am still following up. I submitted all the necessary requirements and I have my Npower Id number, my batch no and I can access Npower profile any time I wish to. Please post us on-time because the term is already gone.

  13. Please help me out am still having problem with updating my details. I can’t access it after generating the OPT

  14. Idioha Chioma on

    I received a congratulatory message since last month but still can’t open the website please notify me through SMS on the next step

  15. evor oghenero godfrey on

    since, i receive congratulatory message through sms, i have not been able to login into my my account, it stop at O T P. what should i do next pls help me through sms

  16. Obasi C. Odiison on

    pls notify me when the posting is done also try to include where i am posted to……thanks and God bless

  17. Please I need a help I can not validate my OTP for over a week now, it keeps on telling me valitdation error please if there is another means of doing that please someone should help me.

  18. For ones why can’t nigeria be serious of what suppose to take immediate effect. First term finished, second term finished, third term is by the corner. What is all about this unseriousity that causes slow down of governance.


    Good day Sir/Ma,

    I have not been able to log into auth token sent to me.

    Please kindly notify me my place of posting, I have been waiting since 2016.

    Thanks .

  20. I am seek and tired of this Npower site. Can’t get it right once, right from the onset till now we are ask to upload our Id cards and password. Recruitment and selection process alone is taking almost one year for a supposedly 2 years project. Na WA ooh

  21. uche innocent chiaka on

    pls i have been able to login after i saw the congratulatory sms but could not upload my passport and ever since then i have not been able again to login and the site is even saying that am not successful what should i do? uche Innocent Chiaka

  22. akuta anastasia chinyere on

    pls since i received a congratulatory sms i have not been able to login into my account it stoped at OTP .what should i do next. pls notify me through an sms, Akuta Anastasia Chinyere

  23. Aninweze Onyebuchi Gabriel on

    How do I get the posting notifications?
    Also, I remember uploading my passport
    and ID but on my page, I’m seeing a message
    that I’m yet to upload my ID card. I hope that’s not an issue?

  24. Ejuwa Michael Adoga on

    Good morning npower my name is Ejuwa Michael Adoga my name came out for physical verification and I did the verification and now I can not access my name. or details can not be found even as I check with my phone no. and my email address. What do i do.

  25. Mathew aya on

    Please upto now I’m try to upload my information but still the same story invalid otp dismiss

  26. Hadiza Hussaini on

    I have received a congratulations message, after then nothing, what can I do? I was not ask as regards to my bvn nor account number. (Npower learning).

  27. Kato Esther on

    After following due process of changing my password, I cannot access the next step of uploading my passport and I’D. What do I do? Pls I need your assistance..

  28. dear admin, i have being having serious issues with the npower link which was sent to my phone via the congratulation message.I have tried severally to upload my passport and identification card but the portal seems to be having errors since it takes me to my profile without any means for uploading….this was about a week ago…but right now the site doesnt open at all..pls what can i do.I also noted that on my portal there was an errror made on my date of birth which is correctly september 14 1990 but it was stated as sept 14 1989.

  29. Dikibo Yibakuro on

    Am unable to upload my identity card and passport, please what will i do moreover, notify me when npower posting start

  30. Thomas Adebisi Sunday on

    I received a successful qualified message and I couldn’t have access to the site, please kindly help me out. Thanks and God bless Nigeria.

  31. Paul James Akaiku on

    Pls I the not see my name in the list, I did the test and the physical verification they said everything was okey no problem at all and now my name is not on the list pls what is the way forward on this issue.

  32. Abdullahi, Abubakar Bala on

    I have done the physical verification and submitted the photocopies of my credentials,also a text was sent to me to meet the local government focal person for verifying of the physical verification but told me there is no problem. Now that the final list is out and my name is not there due to that physical verification.
    Please what I can I do now? Thank you sir

  33. pls help me, someone was trying to check my name for when i received congratulation from npower final list 2018, unfortunately this person forgot the code he use to check the name for me due to network failure, right now that the netwrk is good, i cannot do anything with the code,cant upload my ID card and passport pls what can i do?

  34. Abdullahi, Abubakar Bala on

    I have done the physical verification and submitted the photocopies of my credentials,also a text was sent to me to meet the local government focal person for verification of the physical verification but told me there is no problem. Now that the final list is out and my name is not there due to that physical verification.
    Please what I can I do now? Thank you sir

  35. omiyefa olufunke sakirat on

    sir i couldn’t assess the website again and it remain my passport to be uploaded what can i do

  36. Ebini Iseoluwa Monday on

    Please sir/ma,
    How do i log in with my mail on the sent in the congratulatory text sent to me

  37. During the uploading of passport and id card, I mistakenly upload id card in passport place and id card in it own place (id card place) wat should I do

  38. I have successfully checked my selection status which indicate “on boarded”.
    Pls what is the next thing to do because am yet to see where i am being posted to?
    Waiting for response on what to do next.
    Thanks so much.

  39. Ibraheem ismaila on

    Plz i have Issue on my getting the OTP code to proceed to upload pictures and I D card is not going through after the OTP code

  40. BUKAR ALHAJI abubakar on

    Helo my names is BUKAR ALHAJI abubakar I am waiting for my five months backlog on til noun no anything entire my account

  41. Olaleye Oluseye on

    Please, I received the congratulatory message however, I cannot upload my passport and Identity card very well, in view of the above, i need your assistance in that regard.

  42. Olaleye Oluseye on

    Please, I received the congratulations message however, I cannot upload my passport and Identity card very well, in view of the above, i need your assistance in that regard.

  43. Hassan Ibrahim on

    pls my name is Hassan Ibrahim I have been pre selected and even did the documentation but the problem here is I registered with my date of birth as 31/12/1992 that is my real date of birth, but the time I came for the documentation the person in charge ask me a lot of questions like my email address, BVN number, phone number, Name of school, course of study, the program I applied for, qualification and etc. which I answered correctly but when he comes to date of birth I told him my date of birth is 31/12/1992 i even log into my email and show him the page i registered the No power program and even show him my birth certificate and he said no it is 1993 not 1992 and we finally concluded that it was a typing error by the N-power and he said he would tell the N-power officials to correct it since the rest of the informations are correct but now I saw unsuccessful. N-power should please look into this issue thanks.

  44. Adeluwoye Aderonke C on

    Gud morning sir/ma.
    Have not get my OPT number, I check my gmail u send messages 2 me dat congregation. But have not received any OPT message in my phone or gmail,and have dia *347*5*88# no message.please help me

  45. please notify me when the posting is ready. please my Picture is not showing on my Npower profile can i live it like that?

  46. Where will I enter the code that was given? Because. I have searched but couldn’t find the space for it.pls help. Ngozi

  47. Handed Rufai on

    I have been verified well during verification but I have no receive text on my phone, does it mean am not qualify?
    Though, npower portal did not open now.

  48. Surajo Murtala on

    i check for my update says i did not pertispect in physical verification while i pertispect what can i do now. Surajo Murtala.

  49. Adedoja Adeola Oluleye on

    Good afternoon Admin,
    I have done the registration but having problems in uploading my passport photograph unto the identity card.

    Please, help me or what should I do?

    Best Regards.

  50. Alfred Chinaka on

    I have gotten my OTP and have create my password and it requested my passport and id and my system was short down, when came back to upload the id and passport the page was not opening again please what do i do?

  51. Ukpong Ekikere J on

    I discovered that passport was needed when trying to load my ID, unfortunately the page got saved on it own without finishing the upload, find it difficult to load any of the document. Pls. help

  52. Please, i was sent this message by npower yesterday,,,congratulations on successfully getting start learning,kindly log on to, with your email or phone number,but i have not seen a place to login to.plz what do i do

  53. Blessing Abdul on

    Good morning Sir/Ma,
    I have been sucessfully qualified and i logged on the npvn but the OTP which i received twice kept on replying me error.something wrong
    Please help me

  54. Agubata Chiamaka Jennifer on

    Sir i used npower volunteer network, reaching to put the OTP code, i can’t access it again, pls what next

  55. Pls notify me of whenever posting/engagement of 2017 Beneficiaries commence as well as other necessary information. Thanks

  56. okolie chinonso jude on

    Sir/ma, I have done all the necessary registration including my passport photograph and identity card, please I want to know if posting has started and if not when so that i can keep in mind.Thanks


    since December after my verification till date waiting for posting, what must have been the problem? thanks at last

  58. Jumoke Akinrinlola on

    Good day Admin, I have problem with my mobile number, so I didn’t get the message, what can I do so that I will get the notification. And also to know if am successful. Thank you I will be expecting your reply.

  59. Idris Patience on

    I received a message that i am qualified. but when i logged in to the website its asking for an OTP, and this was neither sent to my phone nor my e-mail. What should i do about this?

  60. Yusuf Dorcas on

    i have tried logging in but could not access it. please what can I do. please help me. my email is not working. reply me through my number please. Thanks. This is my new email address

  61. Can I get my OTP number via SMS or this new email address, since I’m having issues with the registered email?

  62. I had problem with the email address I used for this registration, I will appreciate it if I can know other means to checking my posting via SMS. Thank you.

  63. Fagbolu Olumide Adebukola on

    I have received congratulatory message. Please notify me on what to do next. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

  64. Asaa Lawrence on

    That’s kind of a leader who have the interest of the masses at heart npower is helping tremendously. Long live the current govt.




  66. ikwo johnbosco on

    pls is it Google chrome I hv been trying to log in through Google no respond pls some one should help me out

    • Momoh grace anivho on

      Pls I ve been trying to log into the But it’s not connecting. I received the congratulations message but I can access the list pls help.

  67. Kamal Chiroma on

    Pls we are tired of this fucking cock and bull stories that has no ending of so called npower shortlisted candidates 2017/2018, this or that shud come to an end finally and lets know our stands and forget about this deception….

  68. Onoja 4rom Benue on

    i want 2 kwn if npower teach is strickly 4 those who reag/education? If yes,hw abt other disciplines dat hav bn verified under npower teach?

  69. Adeboyejo Victor on

    I saw breaking news the posting list is out….how real is it? if real,please kindly notify me. thanks

  70. Emeana Patricetilian Onyedikachi Chimuanya on

    Trying to log in to check if am short listed.keep saying invalid ID and password.

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