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See latest news on Npower Permanency News 2020 today find out what’s going to be the faith of power 2016 and 2017 beneficiaries today.

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Back in 2019, npower said that beneficiaries will be moved from npower to other federal agencies.

The transition includes moving of beneficiaries from npower to community police, teachers etc.

Npower also said that beneficiaries who indicates interest in business will get financial support from the government.

Top news about Npower:

In a bid to implement the N-power Nigeria Permanency 2020, npower was moved to a new ministry. However, the transition from one ministry to another caused npower beneficiaries to stay up to 2 months without receiving their stipend.

What is Npower Permanency?

If you’re an npower batch A or B beneficiary, then you need to know that the permanency is all about.

Npower will move all beneficiaries to good working environment for permanent job placement. It means that npower will give beneficiaries permanent jobs in the government, or support to create a permanent business of their own.

About Npower Permanency 2020?

Npower will work with many federal and state agencies to ensure that beneficiaries are permanently employed.

If you signed up for the npower transition, then you’ll be contacted when there’s fresh news update.

Npower Permanency

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