Here’s a page where you can get Npower News 202 for this month when will N-Power Pay. You’ll also get the latest news on Npower permanency on this page.

You’ll See July Latest Updates from N-power Nigeria Today, and how portal can be used to get up-to-date news regarding N-power programme.

Another Npower news 2021 we have today, a congratulatory mail is now sent. Congratulations to all trainees.



If you calm down and read this guide till finish, you’ll understand the recent Npower 2021 news that was released recently.

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How to Check Npower News 2021

Npower has no specific newspaper where you can get up-to-date news, however, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you with the news updates from the under listed N-power activities:

  • Npower Stipend News
  • Npower Deployment News
  • Npower Final List’s of all 2017 recruitment candidates
  • Npower Training
  • And Finally Npower Device Distribution
  • Npower Recruitment
  • Npower Registration

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The Npower Transition survey portal is currently opened – The Npower transition page opened on.

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Npower News About The Delayed Npower Stipend Payment

Almost everyone who’s on npower payroll are currently asking if npower will no longer keep to their Promise of paying the monthly npower stipends.

The reason behind the delayed Stipend payment is currently not yet known. However, some npower beneficiaries took to social media to pour out their mind regarding the delayed payment.

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When Will Npower Final List 2017/2018 be released?

This latest npower news 2021 also covers details about when npower Nigeria will release list’s of all those who passed all npower recruitment stages.

Note: There’s going to be a list’s of all those who successfully passed all npower requirements. If you’re among them, them you’ll be employed.

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Npower Training News: When will Training Start

Before you can go for npower training, you’ll first have to be shortlisted.

Kindly read this Npower News 2021 so you can understand what you need to do before training.

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Npower News on Deployment For 2017/2018 Applicants

There’s currently a high confusion around npower deployment. The Npower latest News 2021 reaching us about npower deployment is that all those who merit to be on the list’s will soon be deployed to their different duty stations.

This npower 2021 news will help you known when you will get deployed to your primary place of duty. for example, If you applied for npower health, you’ll be sent to any primary health care center so you will carry out your primary duty/

Read latest n-power Nigeria news aways so that you can know what is happening all around Nigeria concerning Npower.

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