The npower 2016 transition news today by  Deco George has put a lot of beneficiaries into confused state of mind.

Deco George, an active member on the npower Facebook group recently said that npower 2016 transition portal is open.

He said that the npower transition or Npower Transition Survey page is currently open, and that the 2016 npower beneficiaries can check the page.

According to, Deco George, and some other members of the group claimed that they’ve been able to complete the 2016 npower transition.

The information shared by Mr. George is not true, as npower is now confirmed to be true as the Npower transition 2016 survey page is open.

The npower 2016 transition is currently open now.

RecruitmentGate also reached out to npower Twitter handle, and the npower nairaland page, but no news about the transition yet.

In the previous week, npower said that the 2016 transition portal will be opened soon.

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The 2016 transition which was postpone will soon be reopened.

This transition will help npower beneficiaries to transit form N-power to other works of life.

To always get the best news regarding the transition, and the recruitment process after the transition, kindly visit login page.

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Npower 2016: Latest News on Beneficiaries Transition 

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