Npower Final List 2017/2018 in 36 States – See Your Name Here

Here is a guide to check 36 States Npower final List 2017/2018 recruitment successful candidates. You’ll see how to check Your Name Here.

N-power Nigeria Programme is meant to employ, train and deploy capable Nigerians to different workstations.

The list that contains names of all those who passed all the different stages of Npower recruitment.

You can view your name if you’ve passed through all the different recruitment stages.

Below is the breakdown of all the different Stages followed during 2017/2018 npower recruitment:

Online Registration (You need to first register online)

Invitation for aptitude test/screening

Release of Names of successful candidates during Npower aptitude test

Physical Verification for all Successful candidates.

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Read ThisNpower Deployment

Now the next is, the list’s of all those who’ve passed through the different Stages mentioned above.

See How to Login Here: Profile

How to Check Npower Final List 2017/2018?

You can view your name via npower portal. However, you should kindly note that npower will never ask you to pay in money to shortlist your name. is the official website where you can download npower 2017 final selection list’s.

Note: You have to kindly note that Npower 2017 Final List is out. Npower will communicate with all proper guidelines either sms or via email on how to check the final list that’s online now.

See AlsoN-power Speaks on Physical Verification

Note: Please note the following, npower will never ask you to pay anything before you can see your name.

All names are updated via npower official website, all you need is to take your time and enter your phone number or email address to check your name. Note that Npower Final List 2017/2018 is not yet in Pdf.

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Update: Npower 2017/2018 final selection/employment list will be released as son as npower is ready to employ qualified applicants.

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We will update this guide from time to time okay, try as much as possible to come back for more update.

We will let you know once 2018/2019 list comes out.

You can also get steady updates from us about npower final list 2017/2018 if you comment now.

174 thoughts on “Npower Final List 2017/2018 in 36 States – See Your Name Here”

  1. I wrote the aptitude test but up till now i didnt receive any information.please notify me if there is any information .Thanks.

  2. my name is Oliver Iornem I applied for npower 2016 I even wrote exams as well as 2018 but I was not shortlisted I don’t know why

  3. Please my name was shortlisted among the successful volunteer for Npower,but all till now I have not received an SMS,on what to do,What do I do,please help me.Thanks

  4. please i need someone to help me out because i could not see my name and pleae how we i check my name.


  5. pls I’m an N-power beneficiary since 2016 and 2018 list is out, and I did the physical verification on June, and have not seen my name. pls send my name to the postal office in Akwa Ibom State, Ika L. G. A.

  6. Pls sir, I am finding it difficult uploading my verification later. What is the way out?. Thanks

  7. I haven’t see my name since have apply for npower programme, or is there any ways to check our names?

  8. Pm
    I have tried several times to input my account number it was not successful and now my name is among the successful candidate, only my bvn is there plz what do I need to do.

  9. I have been trying to finish my registration on line but it has not been working despite the fact that my is out. Pls I want the management to see to this lapses and will try my luck again tomorrow pls do something.

  10. I got recruited in the 2018 batch and sine then I have not heard from the body.Probably, I do not know how to check my details.My name is Apugo Olabisi Modupe. Option-Tax

  11. I’m not just happy about the ongoing secret registration on 2017/2018 n-power recruitment, because I registered for it when I was serving in Katsina state in 2017, and after interview I have not received any message again from the portal. And upto date I have not gotten any job, so if n-power had favored me I should have startup something with it. So I’m not happy. But please try to inform me during this 2018/2019 season

  12. Pls sir I have done all the necessary requirements posted to me but still I am unsuccessful at the physical clearance, what will I do?

  13. I have done my physical verification On the first time they started with all requirement.stil am not successful.i dnt no were the fault come from.Pls put me through

  14. My name is Njoku Florence Oluchi from Enugu State. I applied for N-Teach. Pls I have not seen my name.

  15. morning my name is Nasiru Abubakar Dagawa I have passed all the stages but l was not shortlisted in final selection pls do something about it pls&pls

  16. Please, fg should try to open shops for selected n agro beneficiaries to enable them work effectively with the local farmers by getting chemicals at the local areas.

  17. i submitted all the necessary documents during the physical verification and when i tried checking my name in the final list,i was told physical verification unsuccessful, please what might have gone wrong,i need reply

  18. how do we check the names of successful candidates cos i received the congratulatory message and the site to log on to, but till now, i have not been successful in terms of viewing the list or getting the otp code. pls, kindly help on how to go about it

    1. If you’re trying to receive the npower otp with your phone number and you’re not succeeding, try using your email address. If you’re still not succeeding, then type on your browser search or address bar and hit the enter or search or OK or open key. Note: You may receive a security warning, ignore it and continue. And then follow the direction when the site opens.

  19. I was one of the pre_selected candidate and I was able to meet up all the necessary requirement. But when I check my name today it was telling unsuccessful. pls any hope for me?

  20. Npower, after d physical verification I did in d sun with my baby, while I was checking now it keeps on saying unsuccessful physical verification… Wat happen bcos am fed up now…. Wat can I do????

  21. Npower team are doing great, well done.
    Now that selection is done and individual information uploaded by Npower, what next?

  22. Please when would the final list 2017/2018 NPOWER successful candidates be out in PDF?
    At least one would be able to check conveniently whether beneficiary or not.
    Please other people that are yet to access their profile online should be attended to,pls.
    The PDF final list 2017/2018 will do all of us good .
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. pls i need sms 4 posting list if i have been selected because i recieved congratulations message but i,m unable 2 see my name.

  24. Have tried logging into the website i received last night but nothing is coming up there, i even try the Npower website to see if i can logging but still showing the same result, right now i don’t know what to do,i need guidelines. thanks

  25. I got a congratulatory message on 23rd April, but can’t check my name on the list. It keeps showing error that something went wrong

  26. Please, we did physical verification since December 2017 we didn’t hear anything again, kindly update me about it

  27. I need an update for the the final list of 2017/2018 npower.for those who successful pass the physical verification.

      1. pls,sir notify me when npower agro ready 2017/2018 succefuly candidate list if am truely verify from u im waity for sms.but if there is problem pls,keep on touch

  28. Pls i applied for npower 2017/2018 but still yet to see my name on any of the list. Pls kindly notify me wen 2018/2019 registration form is out. Including other updates on other exercises. Thank you.

    1. Pls am one of the successful candidate for the 2018 empower program, what is the latest development about it for posting and payment.

    2. Pls send me the web on how to view my portal on empower am one of the successful candidate as well and the latest development

    1. my name is lamidi adewale, from Oyo state, I registered for npower under Ogun state, since last year and I didn’t receive any SMS up still now and I try to re-register the portal did not open. what can I do sir?

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