NPower Assessment Test: Top 6 Things to Note

NPower Assessment Test: Top 6 Things to Note

The N-Power scheme is one the Federal Government’s investment program targeted at mitigating the effect of poverty and unemployment, by recruiting and empowering unemployed Nigeria Youths.

This article is focused on preparing people for the next batch, so if you missed out on the other batches, here is your chance to partake in this.

It is important to note that, to get to the N-Power assessment, you must have passed the phase of N-Power Recruitment and Registration.

How To Write The N-Power Test

After you have provided valid details of your BVN and it has been confirmed. A test message will be sent to your mobile phone, a day prior to your test day. If not, your application will be discontinued. If you have received an SMS to write the test, follow these procedures:

1. Visit the N-Power test website (
2. Select any of the N-Power categories (N-Agro, N-Tech, N-Teach, N-Tax) you wish to apply for.
3. Fill in your bank details and bank verification number to continue.
4. You will then be directed to a dashboard, where a button (click here tab) will lead you to the test.

The test can only be assessed when it is available, otherwise, a message on the website will let you know when you can assess it and when it will be closed.

What To Know About The N-Power Assessment

Things you should know about this phase:

1. The N-Power selection takes place in all over Nigeria.
2. The test includes Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, Lateral Thinking, Numerical Analysis, General Knowledge, and questions testing basic knowledge of English.
3. Questions will depend on the category of N-Power selected.
4. Phone, laptop or computer can be used for the test as long as it is connected to the internet.
5. Applicants get two chances to attempt the test, so if they failed the first time, they can re-attempt the test.
6. Applicants who have successfully applied for the test, with their valid BVN should be patient but at alert for when information on the test will be scheduled.

About The N-Power Program

The N-Power Program is targeted at equipping Nigerians with large-scale skills, in relation to the Federal Government’s economic, employment and social development policies.

The program is aimed solving the challenges of unemployment among youths by providing adequate training and short-term trainings to reduce inadequacy public services.

All the categories of the program will train participants in their selected fields enough to find a job or create one.

Purpose of N-Power

The main purpose of this program is to diversify Nigeria’s economy by acquainting the youths with the knowledge of the economy.

This program will give rise to lots of graphic artists, software developers, animators etc

Non-graduates are also considered in this program and are equipped in important skills.

N-Power Categories

The N-Power are fixed into graduates and non-graduates


The graduate category is centered on Corps. It is a paid post-tertiary involvement for degree/ HND holders between age 18 to 35 for a certain period- 2 years precisely.

During this period, the eligible candidates will perform their main duties at designated public services within their proximate communities.

Every volunteer would be given a computing device that contains information relating to their assignment.

Non Graduate Category

This category is divided into two – N-Power Build and N-Power Knowledge. It is targeted at training and certifying young unemployed, non-tertiary educated Nigerians on the country’s economy and how it works.
Both of this are certification programme that will train 75,000 youths.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that Npower assessment test 2020 is not ongoing. This guide explains only the 6 important things about npower assessment.


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