The minister of labour has brought the New Minimum wage to all Nigerian workers.

Dr. Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour, said on Friday, October 18th that federal government has agreed to pay the N30,000 National minimum wages to workers.

The mister of labour, Dr. Chris Ngige spoke with newsmen on Friday about the latest development.

Ngige said that the long awaited new minimum wages will be paid soon.

He told newsmen that that the federal government has come in agreement with the ministry of labour to see that workers get the best wages.

Ngige also went ahead to give break down on how the wages will look like.

He went on to give example of how the new minimum wage will look like.

“For COMESS wage structure grade level 7 gets 23%, level 8 gets 20%, level 9 gets 19%, levels 10 to 14 get 16% while levels 15 to 17 get 14%.

“For those on the second category of wages structure, CONHES, CONRRISE, CONTISS etc, level 7 gets 22.2%, levels 8 to 14 get 16%, levels 15 to 17 get 10.5%.”

The minister also said that his ministry will do everything possible to ensure that all Nigerian workers gets the best wages.

The minister also went on to explain some other important things regarding the new wages.

He said that the military, and paramilitary personals will also benefit form the all new minimum wage in Nigeria.

According to Ngige, the federal government will implement the new salary with immediate effect. He said the federal government is now willing to ensure that workers get the best pay.

The government is going to implement the national minimum wages soon said Ngige.

The president of NLC, Ayuba Wabba also said that new minimum wage is a big miracle to Nigerian workers.

New Minimum wage

The whole ministry of labour is happy to join other Nigerians to celebrate the news today.

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