N-Power and Sure-P Busted By Shehu Sani – Read His Words

Shehu Sani just reviewed some things we all don’t know about n-power Nigeria and Sure-p. However, investigation is currently ongoing to ascertain if this his shocking revelation is true or false.

Recently, senator shehu Sani criticized npower Nigeria programme, according to him, he said the currently administration is using it as a political tool.

How true is this? Do you think that there’s any truth in what the controversial Kaduna Central senator is saying?

He went further to add that the sure-p programme is also used for grassroot political support.

Npower Nigeria through their periodical npower registration has so far created many jobs for young Nigerians who are between 18 years to 45 years. Same thing goes to sure-p recruitment as well.

Below is a complete message passed across by Senator Shehu Sani

The statement reads: “The SURE-P program of the last administration and NSIP of this administration are not social intervention programs but political largesse dispensed for political goals

Shehu Sank also went further to add some of the words below to his statement.

SURE-P and N power are all hands outs thrown to the poor ‘to purchase their conscience and loyalty.

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You have to still note that another senator also commented on senator Shehu Sani’s statement.

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Take a look at what Biodun Olujimi added below:

She said officials disbursing the fund were circulating forms on which recipients are asked to write their names, gender and details of their PVCs

Please Note: The Nigerian Senate just set up a committee that’ll investigate this allegations now.

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