Why Many Nigerians are not Applying For BRISIN Nigeria Recruitment? 

Here’s why so Why Many Nigerians are not Applying For BRISIN Nigeria Recruitment. You’ll see the full reason here.

We recently conducted a review and it turns out that many Nigerians don’t like what they are seeing on BRISIN Nigeria website.

It’s quit unfortunate how many Nigerians had refused to apply for brisin recruitment even with the high rate of unemployment in the country.

According to some reviews we came across online, we got to know the reaosn why Nigerian youths are giving a deaf ear to brisin Nigeria recruitment.

Some said brisin is not a government agency, and that it’s not even a permanent placement.

Many others lamented on why brisin should charge unemployed Nigerians before giving them job.

Others believe, that even after collecting the N1,000 from Nigerians, that Brisin Nigeria will likely do their recruitment like Nigeria immigration recruitment.

However, we also read reviews from some Nigerians who applied for this job. Some of them said that they’re just trying their look.

Some said, they used their space money.

Please Note: You can apply for this job if you need something to keep up with.

The Application Portal isrecruitment.brisin.ng

Note: Kindly share with us your own view about brisin Recruitment, let us know what you think about this Brisin news today now.

Tell us if you are comfortable paying the N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) for the form.

16 thoughts on “Why Many Nigerians are not Applying For BRISIN Nigeria Recruitment? ”

  1. as an ssce holder u can apply jus look for somthing simple that u can fit in as o level holder and as for the one thousand, mind u 1k cant kill u so u may giv it a trial cus it may end up successfully at the end of the day and if u dont see ur bank use card payment wit atm its ok too that is what i used and opfully lets pray make federal government approve it even if its lik npower programe atleast som people will benefit from it.

  2. I went to brisin office yesterday at maitama to find out more about the organization, but my concern is the N1000.00 charges on forms and training. Secondly is the issue of grade levels. My concern here is if brisin is not a government agency why is the grading of levels? Thirdly have the Federal government adopt this idea? Finally will this not be the usual way of extorting poor Nigerian? Thanks.

  3. Truly We The Youth Realy Need Job, But this Is My First Time Of Hearing That job name Brisin please How To apply and how Is The Nature Of The Work?

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