The Importance of Dressing Nice to an Interview – What to Wear

The Importance of Dressing Nice to an Interview – What to Wear

What to wear to an interview is really an important thing to put under consideration for job seekers. After passing through the pre-interview process and finally land yourself an opportunity for an interview, you wouldn’t want to ruin all your efforts so far by putting on a bad outfit that might jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

 As we know getting a job in especially this Country is stressful so long as you don’t have Connection or some money to pay to clear your way, then after gotten the job your appearance to the job Interview would make you loose and render all your effort abortive,                                    That is how appearing nice in an Interview is so important

So  When preparing for answering the Interview questions, it’s also very important to take time in deciding what to wear to the Interview. In as much as your success in an Interview is as a reward of your preparation for the interview, your outfit also plays a crucial role too.

Finding it defficult figurig out what to wear to an Interview in order to appear like a professional that wants to seal a job deal with an employer?  You do not have to worry, our guide on what to wear to an interview will guide you on selecting the best outfit for both men and women.

What to Wear to an Interview

As they always say “First Impression Maters” in everything one does, the first impression you give your potential hiring manager with your professional outfit matters a lot for a successful Interview.

When deciding what to wear to an interview, your outfit should be no way close to someone going for a street dance, a night club, a dinner party. It should be something professional and not casual.

Research the Company

Before deciding on what to wear to an Interview, you should research the company to get an idea of the company’s corporate outfits, or maybe what they require for the Interview.  You can research the company by going through the company’s official website. Go through the uploaded images and videos there to see if you can get an idea of what to wear.

You can also go through the company’s social media account to see if you can get any clue which will help you in deciding what to wear to an interview.

But if you are still unable to come up with any clue on the outfit to wear for the interview after going through the company’s website and social media accounts, you can contact the HR department via call or mail, to ask for the dressing code for the interview. By doing this, you will make the hiring manager believe that you are enthusiastic and have the company’s interest and values at heart.

And if after every efforts you’ve taken to get a clue on the attire to wear, you still couldn’t come up with something, then you can follow the below recommended outfit to wear to an interview.

 Outfits for Interview

Generally when it comes to what to war to an interview, the best interview outfits to wear is a suit. But sometimes depending on the industry you are interviewing, you can put on something in between a formal outfit and a casual outfit which is a business casual outfit.

A formal outfit (preferably a suit) and a business casual outfit are the two recommended outfits you should go with when deciding what to wear to an interview.

Formal Outfits

If you are going for an interview in company like corporations, financial institutions, accounting firms, high-level government institutions, the recommended outfit is a formal outfit (a suit).

Formal outfit for women

No offense, ladies first, if you are a man kindly scroll down a bit to get info on formal outfits to wear to an interview for men.

When it comes to what to wear to an interview and you are interviewing in a corporate firm, putting on a suit is the best option to go with.

You can go with a grey, black, or even a dark blue suit. Those are professional colors. You should avoid something too light and flashy.

Wear a conservative blouse with your suit. Do not wear something too bright or transparent.

Avoid wearing short, tight, or transparent skirts. Interviewers are fond of complaining about the short skirts interviewees wear for interviews. You should stick with a knee-length skirt or something a bit longer.

Make-up and nail polish are good, but don’t be tempted in doing over make-up or put on long shinny nails.

You should also keep your jewelries and accessories to minimum. One finger ring is enough for both hands, small-medium size earrings are the best not big earrings.

Necklaces, chains, and bangles are unnecessary if you want to present yourself as a professional.

You should go with a neat polished close-toe shoe.  Even if you want to go with high heels, avoid wearing a shoe with more than 3 inches heel. It should be flat or have little high heel.

Formal Interview Outfit for Men


For men deciding on what to wear to an interview, you should go with a suit if you are going to be interviewed in a very corporate organization.

A dark colour suit with light colour shirt is the best option to go with. Avoid colours that are too light, or shinny.

It should be neat, clean, and well ironed.

If you want to smell good, wear deodorant not perfume. The interviewer might be uncomfortable with the smell of your perfume.

Your shoes should be well polished. A brown or black shoe is preferable and should match the colour of your belt (wear leather belts that is black or brown in colour).

Cut your hair and also shave your bears. This will make your overall appearance look good

Business Casual Interview Outfits

An attire you should consider when deciding what to wear to an interview in companies like start-ups, tech, engineering, real estate, is business casual outfit.

A business casual outfit is an outfit that is not overly formal or casual. It is a step up from jeans and t-shirt.  It is often the dress code for any industry interview.

Business casual interview outfits for women

You can put on a top that is comfortable, professional, and conservative. It can be a simple blouse with a casual jacket or a button-down shirt with a cardigan.

Choose light-colour stop with simple pattern.


Your skirt should be neutral colour too. You can go with black, grey, navy blue, or even khaki so long it looks professional and match the top.

If you are wearing a button-down shirt, it is best you tuck it into your skirt.


You shoe should be clean, neat with no scratch. It should also be a close-toe shoe that is flat (avoid wearing high heels).


Keep your jewelries and other accessories to minimum.

Business Casual Interview outfits for Men

When deciding on what to wear to an interview and you’ve mad e up your mind to go with a business casual outfit, then the below outfit is best to wear for the interview


You should put on a light-coloured pressed button-down shirt with long sleeves and a collar.

You can add a nice sweater over to the button-down shirt if you want. You can also go with a solid colour shirt or a pattern shirt.


You should go with neutral colour chinos because it goes well with almost all t-shirt color. It can be black, brown, grey, or navy blue.

If dark-coloured jeans are accepted in the company you can try them on too.


Choose dark-coloured shoes. It can be either black or brown and should be freshly polished.


A metal wrist watch is okay, but you should avoid wearing accessories like earrings, chains ornecklaces.

Now it’s Your Turn

Before going for an interview, you should try on the outfit you want to wear for the interview before the day of the interview. By doing so, you will be able to figure out the best modifications to make.

That is it on our guide on what to wear to an interview


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