10 Interview Questions/Answers that work

This post is going to keep you familiar with the top common Interview Questions with answers that work.

In fact, these interview questions with answers have helped lots of job seekers in their interview processes.

Interview questions can be very tricky if you have not carried out proper research.

Here, we present frequently asked common interview questions with answers for entry-level or experienced candidates.

Frequently asked Interview Questions with Answers.

-Tell me about yourself


When it comes to interview questions, one of the most likely interview questions you would be asked is “Tell me about yourself”.  This is one of the easiest interview questions to be asked yet the trickiest if not answered properly.

It is an open-ended question whereby you are giving the opportunity to express yourself but don’t be carried away, the trick here is that the interviewer demands you to channel your expression specifically towards the intending job you are applying for instead of going into details about your existence from childbirth and so on.

How to answer:

The best way to answer this question is to be specific and also to be observant.

In being observant, you should pay close attention to the interviewer at most time as this is one of the key things to keep in mind while answering interview questions. The interviewer’s mood should tell if you are in tune or not.


I am a graduate of Accounting from the University of Lagos. I have had two internships in two different banking industries, first at Guarantee trust Bank where I work with the accounting team, and second with First Bank of Nigeria where I also work with the accounting team.  I have spent over 5 years developing my skills as an Account and with my certificate and also my experience I strongly believe am ready to take up a more challenging responsibility in your bank as an Accountant.

-Why did you choose this career?

Just like other interview questions, the interviewer is trying to understand what prompted you in selecting this career. This question helps the interviewer know how much efforts and plans went into your career selection. Was it well planned or selected by random acts.

You should spend time considering this interview question as one of the interview questions that you might be asked so that you won’t be caught unaware when asked this question.


They were many factors that influenced me to choose this career. I have always been a tech enthusiast back in my high school days, doing very well in computer classes and also graduated with high grade as a Computer Scientist. Since I already have a solid background in computer related courses, selecting web development as a career is one of the best choices I have eve r made. I have successfully done diverse personal web development projects and also work with three different companies as their remote web developer.

-Tell me about your strengths

When asked this question, you should try convening your answer to the interviewer in a communicative manner rather than a boastful one.

Ensure that your response has a link with the job you are looking for, so don’t go beating around the bush while answering interview questions.

Also note that fake answers are not needed. Don’t think interviewers aren’t smart, you may get a follow-up question like “Can you give me an example of how you have used this strength in your past job(s)?”.  So only give answers to interview questions you know you can comfortably defend.


Good question, I have quite some strengths and I wouldn’t want to bore you listing them all but my strengths are good communication skills as I can easily communicate with staffs and customers with ease,  dedication and enthusiasm as I am always dedicated in whatever I do and enthusiastic as well, ability to learn from mistakes, etc.

-Tell me about your weaknesses

This question may sound awkward but one thing you should know is that the interviewer is trying to figure out three major things from this interview questions:

  1. Whether you are aware of the weakness(es)
  2. Whether you are honest about it
  3. Whether you are improving or seek to improve

The confusing part to answering this interview question is how to actually answer it without making it such a big threat towards the intending job you are applying for. Still, it is very advisable to be honest and avoid giving cliché answers to this interview question or any interview questions.


Speaking with lots of crowd makes me really nervous most times, even though I do not have to do a lot of public speaking as an accountant, I still find it a weakness because it is very important. I once discussed with my former manager about this and told him to make me address the accounting team whenever we have meetings which helped a lot and am still working on improving myself on this.

Why should we hire you?

This question comes a little confusing most times. The best thing to do is to answer the interview question as simple as possible. In doing so, convince the interviewer why you are the right candidate for the job. Try not to be in a haste. You seriously need to calm down and find a way to describe yourself to be distinct and preferred for the job.


I believe that my experience as a graphics designer for about 5 years makes me the best fit for this job. At my previous company, I was able to increase the company sales rate by 25% from quality designs used for our product marketing, and I believe I will bring that same initiative into this company too if given the opportunity.

-Why did you leave your former job?

This interview question could be really tempting.

In as much as you might be tempted to be open to say so many bad things about your former company, try as much as possible to disregard those as they are not really necessary while answering interview questions.

You shouldn’t bad-mouth your former company, insult your former employer, or say harsh words about your former company because the interviewer would think that you might be a not-so-good worker as well.


My company was facing heavy financial issues then that made it lose so many big clients at that time. Some positions were dissolved in order for the company to recuperate and my position happened to be one of those dissolved. I was happy at my former company and believe I will also be happy with this one too.

-What do you like least about your former job?

This interview question is also similar to the aforementioned question “Why did you leave your former job”.  This type of question can be something of a trap.

The reason you are asked this interview question is to know if you are going to be satisfied in the job for which you are being interviewed. If you were not satisfied before there is a tendency that you might not be satisfied as well if the circumstances are similar.


I love challenges a lot and that tend to bring the best out of me but I kept on getting repetitive jobs which got me bored over and over again.

-How would your boss describe you?

There is a big possibility that you might be asked this question.

Whenever you are asked, the interviewer indirectly wants to know how good and fit you are at your former job. So, feel free to give story or stories about your recommendation(s) with your former boss, how you enjoyed working with him, how he sees your performance and how well you would also fit in this new job you are applying for.

Keep in mind that while expressing yourself when answering interview questions, avoid bragging, also avoid bad mouthing your former boss or company as that will reduce your chances of getting the job.


My last boss would describe me as a problem solver because I love and accept challenges. Whenever there is a new project we are working on and probably what the company is not fond of doing, I do take that up as a challenge to ensure it becomes a success.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

One thing you should bear in mind whenever you are asked this question is that interviewers don’t ask this interview question because they are really interested in what you want to achieve with your life in the next five years. 

He/she indirectly wants to know if your vision aligns with that of the company and how long you intend staying and growing with the company.


In 5 years, I would like to get to the point of mastery in my position at this company, which should then in turn propel me for either expanded responsibilities or possible future promotion.

What is your salary expectation?

This question needs to be answered with caution. Don’t be in a hurry to mention just any salary range of your choice.

You should know that the company has a budget for that particular position so it is best you make inquires about the company’s budget regarding your position in order to avoid giving a budget that is way above what the company intends paying. Also try to keep the budget in a range if you are unaware of what the company is paying for that position.


While I am certainly flexible for proper negotiation, I am looking forward to receiving between #100,000 – #150,000 monthly. Based on my experience and skills, I believe the range is comfortable and appropriate one for my position.

I hope the above questions and answers will help you secure that dream job of yours.


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